Through The Eyes of Love

Through The Eyes of Love

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Recorded in August, 2001 on a Roland Atelier®

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Time –
Minutes: Seconds

1.  Orchestra
2.  TannhäuserR. Wagner14:19To the developing team of
the AT-90S
3.  An Affair to
5:02To Lieve J.
4.  I Love ParisC. Porter3:50To Goedele
5.  One Fine Day ~
Madama Butterfly
G. Puccini5:14To Mr. & Mrs. Katsuyoshi
6.  MalagueñaE. Lecuona6:48To Dennis and Alberto
7.  Contact ~ End
8:12To the Van de Water family
8.  I will wait for
you ~ The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
M. Legrand4:19To Michael and Sylvia
9.  One Singular
Sensation ~ Chorus Line
M. Hamlisch5:54To Nicole
10. Looking through the
Eyes of Love ~ Ice Castles

M. Hamlisch

5:54To Mr. & Mrs. Ikutaro

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If time could have captured this one moment of sheer joy, the
word soul would no longer be an enigma…

Such was my perception when I walked unexpectedly into the room. Oblivious
to my presence, Hector was living his dream of conducting an orchestra. As I
watched the finale, I was spellbound, not only by the magic of his
masterpiece, but also by the transformation of Hector’s presence into an
instance where the depths of joy, imagination, creativity and musical genius

Hector was no longer the conductor. He was music itself.

Let’s enter the concert hall where the orchestra is preparing for tonight’s
program . . ..


Tannhäuser was written by Richard Wagner and reveals the real nature
of the opera, born by a fusion of two traditional sagas and dedicated to the
dualism of spirituality and sensuality and the possibility of redemption
through love.

An Affair to Remember is a classic love story, starring Cary Grant and
Deborah Kerr who meet on an ocean liner and fall deeply in love. The wisdom of
Grandmother is such a poignant touch in the movie that it results in a
delightful piece, arranged by Hector in the style of a Rachmaninoff piano

I Love Paris Hector paints a musical picture describing his impressions
of waking up in Paris. Listen to the early morning chirping of the birds, the
insistent barking of the dogs and the buzzing traffic noises of the never
sleeping Champs Elysees. Hector is no longer dreaming and in the final chord
he is inside the Notre Dame Cathedral.

One Fine Day from Madam Butterfly is a tragic love story transcribed
into a musical masterpiece by the great Puccini. When Cho-Cho-San (Madam
Butterfly) sings the heart wrenching words of “Un Bel Di” the
lyricist undoubtedly wrote the song as felt through the eyes of love.

Malagueña Hector skillfully arranges this popular song by Ernesto
Lecuona by interspersing passages from Capriccio Espagnole by Rimsky Korsakow.
He is recreating fond memories of a time in Barcelona viewing an inspiring
performance of flamenco guitarists and dancers with their flawless rhythm
capturing the exhilarating essence of Spanish tradition.

Contact is a powerful movie questioning life beyond our earthly
existence. The music simply connects with the quest for spirituality searching
for answers. Listen carefully to Hector’s attention for detail when, in the
quiet middle section, the signal from Vega appears in the form of varying
frequencies. When a child asks “Are there other people out there in the
universe?” Jodie Foster poignantly answers “The universe is a pretty
big place, if it is just us, it seems like an awful waste of space”

I will wait for you is from the soundtrack of the movie “The
Umbrellas of Cherbourg
“, one of the most romantic movies ever made and
the Grand Prize Winner of the 1964 Cannes Film Festival. Hector Olivera’s
arrangement of Michel Legrand’s composition is so imaginative that it
translates the music into an audiovisual experience. The movie, as well as
Hector’s music, begins with the sound of rain disturbed by the distant
foghorn from the dock followed by the gorgeous melody line “I will wait
for you.”

One Singular Sensation from the famous Broadway show Chorus Line exudes
such freshness, vitality and energy that you may wish you
were…”One” in the Chorus Line.

Looking through the Eyes of Love from the movie Ice Castles combines a
tender love story with the excitement of Olympic Competition Skating. The
music equals the characters’ heart felt emotion, which Hector expresses, in
an exceptional rendition of raw feeling and uncompromising beauty. It is no
wonder that “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” has become
Hector’s main theme song to close concerts, to everyone’s sheer delight.

Lieve J.


Text by Lieve J.
Graphic design by Ray Britt, PressArts of San Diego, CA
Insert cover: Original sunset photo taken by Dan Karran at Isle of Man